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New Beginnings: Are Resolutions a waste of time?

Hey Unique Gurls,

Every New Year people promise themselves to change or achieve in  areas that are personally meaningful.  For some resolutions are part of the holiday fun. For many others making and achieving their New Year's resolution is super important.

Resolutions are about fresh starts to the upcoming year.  I’m sure you and your friends will enjoy making resolutions. A few friends may be doing so well that they don’t want or need change. Of course this is a hard time on some because it is a time when everyone is kind of measuring failures and getting depressed.  

If making New Year's resolutions gives you confidence then enjoy! If it’s more of a wish to you that doesn’t make you sad; wish away! But if you want things to change then your resolutions must become actual desires made up of goals that are accomplished in believable, measurable steps.  Steps that you can keep track of to mark your progress. If you want to be further along with something you really want you need to believe that this change matters to you and that you know why it matters too. 

Resolutions are not a waste of time if you dedicate yourself and your time to doing real activities that add up to your goal(s).  Just be real with yourself about what and why you are making a promise to yourself. A resolution is a promise to the inner self. Since you are an Unique Gurl this kind of promise to yourself should always reflect your value as a person. 

We at JHUG have made some resolutions this year!

  1. Keep encouraging Unique Gurls

  2. Find more creative ways to help Unique Gurls shine

  3. Grow the Unique Gurl Sisterhood

Happy New Year Unique Gurl. I am looking forward to learning from you, chatting with you , sharing with you and inspiring you this year.

Remember if something or someone is hurting you in any way RESOLVE to GET HELP.  Some things are beyond just changing into a new year and require true help or even rescue. Talk to your parents, a teacher, your doctor/nurse, a counselor or you may need the police.  Please don’t wait for this kind of change.

Believing in You,


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