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The difference between Stress and Trauma?

You probably hear alot about trauma through social media because it is a very real issue for people of every age.  Many Influencers reveal their personal stories about incidents that have left them changed forever. More people are willing to accept the need for mental health therapy.  When professional counselors use the word Trauma they mean an emotional response to harm or danger that we either think happened or what we know has happened. In fact a traumatic response can come through something that happens to a person or something a person sees happens to another person.   Of course, we can develop reactions like getting sick in our body after having strong emotions over something very upsetting or dangerous.  Some people assume that Trauma is the same as stress but they are different with some parts being similar.  

Stress is how our body handles or experiences pressure.  Pressure is a part of life with some circumstances being worse than most but everyone deals with pressure.  Losing friends, making poor grades, and not making the team or squad usually brings out a response that tells our body that things are not going well.  Or good things that we have never experienced can also develop stress because we want everything to continue to go well.  So stress is real but it is usually not harmful because it is often something that will change over time or we can learn to overcome. 

Trauma is also very real but it usually comes from experiencing something that is not normal or should not be normal like abuse, accidents, crimes or natural disasters.  Trauma requires help so that our minds and emotions can heal or adjust to learning a new normal for living.  If you are wondering if some of the things you have experienced are trauma or stress please get help.  Anyone can experience stress or trauma but our emotions can be confusing in the moment of the event and getting help is best for both.  Sometimes how you feel can be so strong that even knowing about stress and trauma may not come to your mind especially if you are sad or if you have experienced something terrible.  So if you or your friend is feeling anything that is making life difficult go to your parents or a trusted adult for help.  DON'T WAIT.

Believing in you,


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