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Heyyyyy Unique Gurl

My passion is children, especially GIRLS, I enjoy reading, LOVE music, all types, and I am always trying some new craft ( I know there is a crafter DEEP down in me) , MMMMMMM.  

I have been inspired by children for 25 years (that means I am an Educator), Math is my specialty (do NOT say that word,  "ugh"), grades 6-9th.

I have had the pleasure to teach internationally for several years; in rural, urban and suburban communities, and on military bases .

I have always enjoyed connecting with my students on matters that are important to them. I am hoping that the UG Blog will allow me to connect with you. I look forward to learning from you, sharing with you and inspiring you, my Unique Gurl!

Keep an ear open for our podcast, happening soon!





 I have witnessed many girls struggling through life with overwhelming damage to their sense of value as a person and as a female. I seek to use my years of research and experience as an Educator to create a platform that informs, encourages, and advocates for young girls who are increasingly ignored, devalued, harassed, objectified, abused (physically/sexually) and SELDOMLY celebrated. Julie’s Haven Unique Gurl Blog will focus on topics that empower, inform, educate, and inspire. Some subjects will cause you to reflect deeper than others (I hope they do, smile ) and some may even make you uncomfortable ! All I ask is that you remember that we at Julie’s Haven Unique Gurl cares about GURLS and believes that AWARENESS is important to keeping you safe as you work on understanding  your Purpose, developing your Passion, and using your Power.

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