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JH Unique Gurl is the voice of Julie’s Haven which is designed to speak more directly to teen girls about the issues and strategies (ways) that require an AWARENESS of person as it relates to Purpose, Passion, and Power in their life and the world around them. JH Unique Gurl will function as a website and blog that will engage in virtual conversations that will elevate and inspire ALL “ Gurls”, to see themselves as Amazingly Unique individuals who do have what it takes as human beings to add meaning to this world because everything that the Unique Gurl values in herself is meaningful to share with the world and important to inspire Purpose, Passion, and Power in her own world. 

JH Unique Gurl also shares with Julie’s Haven, JH ( its mission to offer a focused voice to ALL girls of every background and especially to girls who have been physically or sexually abused. We want girls to have an opportunity to discover their Purpose, Passion, and Power. This important message along with AWARENESS PROTECTS (prevention concept), our call of action will frequently be in the content of the Unique Gurl, on all platforms. 

JH UNIQUE GURL informs, motivates, and inspires gurls to develop their purpose and live for it!

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of  Julie’s Haven Unique Gurl is to offer a focused voice to ALL girls of every background with an opportunity to heal by discovering their Purpose, Passion, and Power. 

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Our Vision

Our vision at  Julie’s Haven Unique Gurl is for ALL girls to engage in meaningful dialogue through the Unique Gurl Blog, podcast, social media platforms, and our other interactive programs to identify their Purpose, discover their Passion, and cultivate a sense of personal and global Power.

We Appreciate Your Support !

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