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Unique Gurl, it is very normal to not know what you want to ‘do’ or ‘be’ in life when you are in your teens. In fact, most teens feel the pressure to pick a career or a sport in middle school. I know the pressure can be very real and it can be worse when you just don’t know what you want to do and it may be hard to imagine loving anything for a lifetime. Well, Unique Gurl, your value as a person is your highest purpose. Learning who you are as a person is the key to handling the pressure of becoming or creating a professional life or career. This may not change all of the pressure from other people and social media, but it can release the negative pressure you may be putting on yourself.

Inside of you are the answers to who you are, your purpose, and what goals it will take to grow and one day begin to experience how you will express yourself as a person and in the world. There is (1) your purpose, which holds your inner value as a person; truest vision of yourself and (2) your purpose that expresses or achieves certain things in the world.

Understand that you matter as a person ‘before’ you have accomplished anything or without making your ‘presence’ felt in this world or by gaining some special social media popularity. There is a Unique you and the discovery of what you like, dislike, imagine and maybe what you like to create or innovate, maybe the beginnings of what you value or treasure about yourself as a person.

  • See what makes you ‘tick’. Discover what drives you to learn new things and what keeps you interested over time. Understanding what keeps you going is the key to embracing a sense of purpose about yourself and the things you desire to do. These things are the best way to create your own realistic goals.

  • Pay attention to how long you stay interested in the things you enjoy and the things you dislike. Everything that you enjoy is done at a certain pace; you may lose track of time or you may like to test or measure your progress. Ask yourself why you stay interested longer in certain things. This is the beginning of setting a goal.

  • Sharing the way you express yourself with others is another way to begin to see your purpose that’s based on your inner value. Self-expression is often the beginning of the Purpose of Achievement.

Remember, Unique Gurl to take your time in self-discovery. Many people want you to decide your purpose and your goals based on what they see in you, what they want for you, or what they want ‘from’ you. Just be careful in your personal lives, at school, and online , people may begin to pressure you and want something from you. Some people are ‘takers’ and they change from friendly to cunning quickly, so be aware and be ready to shut it down; your unique value belongs to you! Your purpose (value) is about YOU, your heart, so be careful how you express yourself to your friends and the world.

Believing in You,


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