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You Are Beautiful !!!

Hey Unique Gurl, 

“You are Beautiful” is something that most every girl longs to hear.  It’s good to hear. You should know and believe that “you are Beautiful”.  Most of you know that it is important to love yourself first and claim this power of true beauty as you own.  All this is true and I hope you will embrace this truth.  But my heart today is more on our understanding that hearing “you are beautiful” is a real desire for anyone at any age. We normally call speaking positive compliments or speaking the truth to someone or yourself affirmations.

Hearing affirmations from people you love is of course is important for positive feelings towards yourself.  Hearing positive,'Value' words helps you to accept yourself and to enjoy your life.  Hearing that you are beautiful and a beautiful person can be so powerful that never hearing these words can be hurtful. Yet, it is important to be clear and careful about where and from whom you are willing to hear someone say these words to you.  Even if it is not common for anyone around you to tell you that “you are beautiful” , know that it will happen one day (probably soon) so be ready to enjoy the compliment but try to control your feelings enough to really think about who is saying this and why they are saying this now.  Remember, you already know that you are beautiful inside and out. You don’t need anyone else to tell you even though it is nice to hear.  It’s in this precious moment that even Unique Gurls lose their heads and hearts over these words.  I am sure that most compliments you hear will be sincere and real.  I also hope that when that special person says “you are beautiful” that it will be a lovely and thrilling moment.  But even the truth in a compliment can be attached to fake intentions whether it’s in person or online so just understand that hearing “you are beautiful” doesn’t give that person power over your value as a person or rights on your beauty.  Oh course many girls are accepting of their our beauty but some girls assume that only popular people are beautiful so they do everything to be noticed.  Some girls hear that they are beautiful from her parents and relatives and assume that is merely what family members say to be kind and loving.  Other girls never hear any affirmations of beauty because some people and families never give compliments and for some girls this is devastating.  

Please never let not being affirmed (being told you are beautiful) as a person by others send you seeking acceptance in unsafe places or from harmful people.  Please never let someone who does say positive, kind and true words to you have power over you either.  It can become easy to accept people who seem understanding or who seem to share your issues as the ‘perfect’ person who ‘gets’ you.  Just remember that you are a person of value already whether you hear compliments or affirmations from others; let your positive opinion of yourself be the one you hear the most.  If you look deep inside, you will see that “you are BEAUTIFUL” Unique Gurl.

Believing in You,


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