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Back to School, Part 1

Hey Unique Gurl,

Some of you are already back to school, and you still may be anxious about how things will work out.

Anxiety is real because you feel it. In your body and mind, the stress can truly hurt. So

how can you get through this anxious feeling that is making the stuff that you face seem impossible?

Consider that your mind is so powerful that it can make the thing that hasn’t happened feel like it will and has happened; that’s power. Why? How is this possible? Mostly because you believe your anxious thoughts. We usually believe our negative thoughts first because our positive thinking always feels normal and regular…you know "every day". Negative thoughts feel so strong and so less than normal that it grabs all your attention. So negative thoughts make more sense to you than others…that you have considered…assuming you have taken the time to consider other thoughts.

Before you let yourself be overwhelmed by your thoughts, know that YOUR POWERFUL MIND is producing those negative thoughts that only ‘Could’ or ‘May’ happen. Give yourself space and time to let your same POWERFUL MIND consider the possibility of good or how you can get help. Just think about it…THE SAME POWERFUL MIND…okay?

One more thing. There is anxiety from actually experiencing hurt. Sometimes you are carrying this to school. It may not be new, or it could be a new hurt too, but it is not in the same category as something that could happen because it did happen. I just want to say to every Unique Gurl that this type of anxiety is better handled by getting help. Help that can ensure that you are not hurt again. Help that invites someone safe and trustworthy to help you sort through your feelings and any physical trauma. Help that guides you into a new normal in which you can see yourself in a clear and beautiful way. The way you should see yourself because you ARE UNIQUE and AMAZING.

There are phone numbers and websites on this blog that may offer the help you may need: . The people working with these agencies know how to help and they know how to listen. Unique Gurl reach out for help if you need it! You are cared about. Don't forget your parent(s) and guardian(s) may also be available to help you or assist you with getting the help you need.

Your Friend,


P.S. Share with JHUG how your school year has started off.

Have you had anxiety about starting school?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Why do you think you are having anxiety?

  • What grade are you in this school year?

Thank you, Unique Gurl for sharing with us!

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