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Your Past Doesn't Define Your Future


“Your past does not define your future” is something that most of us want to believe however, so many of us doubt it every day. It is a very good and true saying most of the time especially if you or your family has experienced and survived difficult times. What the saying means is that you can change or grow beyond any negative or undesirable event you have experienced. It also means that if you choose to experience a future that is different from your past you can make new choices and actions that can produce what you truly want. This is a good principle of life that you should embrace and practice.

March is Women’s History Month, and March 8th was International Women’s Day. So Julie’s Haven and Julie’s Haven Unique Gurl wants you to also consider your past, especially the past of your mother, grandmother, aunts, and all the other women who have contributed to who you are now and to who you can choose to be in the future. The women in your world have experienced people, places, and events that required decisions and actions that shaped what you are experiencing now. Other women came into their lives in the same way to help them or some maybe to hurt them but these ‘other’ women did have an impact on your parents, family, mentors, and friends' lives. It may seem strange to you but these women know about love and about friendship even though it is set in different times with different customs; they know things that they can share with you. Moms always want to pass on wisdom but if you could just see her as a person with a history, with a life, you may hear important and treasured experiences once she shares her stories with you.

The past is important. Your past is important. It may be normal or painful but it is real and you can learn about the events and choices that others like your mother have made which shaped her life as it is now. No one has made all the ‘right’ choices but it is good to hear what they were thinking at the time of the decision. Maybe your grandmother or mother only had a limited amount of information and they are encouraging you to learn because now they wish they had the information or education needed to decide very important issues from their past. Your past doesn’t need to define or determine your future but maybe understanding your past and the past of the women in your life may impact how you look to your future and to the value you see in yourself now and tomorrow.

Be a Unique Gurl and ask your mother, grandmother, aunts, and other women about their life stories; listen to their hearts and dreams. Let their history impact your future.

Believing in YOU, Angela

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