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Hey Unique Gurl,

You have routines that make life easier and you have routines for the additional schedules and events to keep you on track at school. Having a system for getting through the everyday functions in your life is usually very good. Living by your routines could be to your advantage or may create problems if you are UNAWARE. Your routines, schedules, and a very particular mindset often make you miss people, events, and issues. This is not to make you change what works for you but for you to consider 'change' or the 'unexpected' as a normal part of your Awareness Box. An Awareness Box contains the things you normally give your attention. You decide what you want to take in and what you want to give out in time, energy, and commitment. Within your Awareness Box you may even make room for new exciting things and people. Actually, your Awareness Box is your awareness of you and the environment around you? If your Awareness Box is limited it can make you very UNAWARE, even about yourself.

Is your heart and mind ready if your friends change and grow? Even your close friend may experience some events that she or he just isn’t ready to share. Maybe this year at school, someone you didn’t expect to be attractive this year seems very attractive now or someone thinks you are attractive now who didn't notice you before. Will you notice if someone has really changed emotionally? Can you be patient if someone has changed in the way she/he expresses themselves? People may begin to choose different friends and it may not feel right for everyone. Some of your friends may change their interest on issues or people that used to always get them excited. Do you know it's okay if they do…really; it’s okay. You may change too. Some of these things may have already played out in your DM’s but in person it may replay, plus it always feels different.

The sides of your Awareness Box are built on a combination of being a Seeker, an Introspect, a Pleaser, and an Aware person (self and others). In your Seeker part you are learning who you are, about what interests you, and about others. You will always grow as a person, but it is good to know how you Value yourself as a person while you come into your own unique self. In your Introspect part you are solid about who you are and how you feel about yourself, but you should be careful not to block ideas that can help you grow as a person. In your Pleaser part you are more focused on how others see you. Be careful in this because this can become harmful if you live by the Values of others instead of understanding what makes you Valuable. Finally, in your Aware part you have a solid sense of self-value and the value of others in a mature manner. These all come together to make your Awareness Box and you will be a mix of all of these parts.

It’s normal for people to change and it’s normal for people, especially your friends to expect that you change with them. Of course it's important to be kind and maybe you will embrace a new idea or new changes in others. All I’m saying is to be aware of the changes around you so that you are ready to express who you truly are and what you want everyday. Being Aware of your Awareness Box may be very valuable to you this year or to your friends because something and someone is always changing. Every year, your discovery of new things and new people may change too, so consider how you adjust your life; what you change in your Awareness Box. As a Unique Gurl you will be learning to Value who you are as a person. Remember here at Julie’s Haven Unique Gurls you can engage in meaningful conversations and programs to identify your Purpose, discover your Passion, and cultivate a sense of personal and global Power.



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