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Here at UNIQUE GURL and Julie’s Haven, we regularly talk about the value and meaning of Purpose. We know that understanding Purpose is more than just success talk for the super achievers and the social media activists. It is an understanding about you BEING you in all that matters. We talk about Purpose as your deepest reason WHY you care about anything that is important to you. Purpose can also express your deepest reason WHY something means nothing to you, or even WHY some things in life upset you. Purpose expresses your strongest value for everything, and it expresses your identity or values in WHY you may do or say something in a certain way that is more real than just saying “this is how I am".

Purpose can be a silent guide inside of you, BUT your PURPOSE WILL NEVER PUSH YOU. Your purpose is always speaking and calling to the most valuable part of you. However, if you don’t explore WHY YOU CARE about things, Purpose will be a frustration inside. You may try to answer your heart in every way by ASKING YOURSELF just WHY certain things are meaningful in your heart and in your life. You may also ask yourself WHY you hope for some things in the future. Remember, the things you do can be important but WHY they matter speaks a lot about you as a person and WHY YOU ARE AN UNIQUE GURL!

At UNIQUE GURL we also talk about purpose with the understanding that your AWARENESS of your purpose has "a measure of protective power in your life". When your WHY for living is understood and expressed from the inside out as your meaning and value it is harder for others to sneak into your life to take advantage of you, especially through physical or sexual abuse. Only harder, not impossible, because as some of you know some people use the advantage of your age, living in the same house, or just physical power to hurt you. This is NEVER YOUR FAULT AND NEVER YOUR CRIME. SUCH ABUSE IS ONLY THE ABUSER’S FAULT and A CRIME.

What we are saying is that as you better know yourself (which comes with time), you can make creative decisions about how you present yourself to the world based on the "truest" you. This is the YOU, that you understand in this moment of life because you know WHY about you. Understand what you value and WHY helps you ask powerful questions about everything and everyone around you. This is not about judging others but seeing if some of the WHYs expressed in others and in other things match up to you as a "Person" that knows her WHY. There is Power in this way of living that begins with Purpose.

Take Away Activity: In your journal make a list of things that are meaningful to you and WHY they are meaningful. These things can be material objects, pets, words (how someone speaks to you), or actions (how someone treats you). Don't forget to connect the WHY!



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