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Welcome, Unique Girls (Yes, I spelled Girl-GURL) to the Julie’s Haven “UNIQUE GURL” blog!

Our vision at JH UNIQUE GURL is for ALL GURLS to identify their Purpose, discover their Passion, and cultivate a sense of personal and global Power.

JH UNIQUE GURL blog will explore ways for you to become fully AWARE of who you are and what motivates you as a UNIQUE individual. We will have positive talk about how you, your culture, and your environment shapes you and hopefully how you see yourself.

JH UNIQUE GURL blog will also share real things that you can do now to begin to own a sense of place and belonging, using the tools you have within yourself. We will also explore topics that may inspire you to create a better space for the GURL you truly see.

This blog will invite your questions and begin a dialogue that respects you as an individual. Julie’s Haven UNIQUE GURL blog wants to create spaces that show girls that they have global power while encouraging each girl to have a purposeful life.

Oh, I forgot, UNIQUE GURL!!! The JH stands for Julie’s Haven (

This is the site that funds UNIQUE GURL, their mission is to offer girls who have been physically or sexually abused an opportunity to heal by discovering their Purpose, Passion, and Power to begin or continue a positive healing journey. ALL GURLS are invited to check out Julie’s Haven and of course, join JH UNIQUE GURL BLOG at

Now cheer yourself and celebrate that YOU are an Amazing UNIQUE GURL who is taking the step to explore you, your world, and all that is within you to make the world a better place for YOURSELF and other Amazing Unique Gurls. You are stepping into your AWARENESS with each positive choice to face whatever challenge is before you now or whatever comes in your future because you have decided to be an Amazing UNIQUE GURLl!

I look forward to learning from you, sharing with you, and of course hearing from YOU, Amazing UNIQUE GURL. I hope our social media platforms and blog posts add AWARENESS to you as you work towards developing your purpose and living for it.

Stay informed, motivated, and inspired UNIQUE GURL!

Make sure you sign up for our blog and tell another Unique Gurl about us and encourage her to sign up for JH Unique Gurl Blog!



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