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Unique Gurl What do you Think about Yourself?

Self-esteem is what you think about yourself in what you can do. When you pick out things that you enjoy; you are expressing what you think about yourself. If you were able to score yourself about every action that you take and skill or talent you perform; you would see little hints about your self-esteem. Self-esteem can also be what's important about what you can do and what you want others to think about the things you do.

How you feel about yourself is usually considered your self-value or your self-worth. Self-value is a deeper topic and it is the best way to build self-esteem, but that will be another UG Blog.

Self-esteem is what you think of your abilities; what you think about compared to others and usually what you think other people who matter to you or society think of your abilities. Self-esteem is also usually about how you want to be seen by the world; like through social media. Self-esteem can be about the level of confidence that you have or desire to have in the things you do and say. So Unique Gurl we are talking about having confidence in yourself in what you can do.

Most conversations on confidence are based on what you can do; something that you do well or what you can perform. Seeing people with confidence while they use their intelligence, talents or skills is often the reason we are attracted to social media, sports and talent contests. Showing and knowing what you can do with whatever you enjoy is the best way to look at having self-esteem.

Self-esteem doesn’t need to be about showing off or making other people look and feel bad about not being able to do certain things. It’s about you discovering, understanding, and training yourself in doing and maybe in sharing anything that you like to do. Learning what you are able to do in any area is important to your happiness but remember it is only a part of what makes you a person.

Who you are is ALWAYS more important than what you DO. It is more important to value yourself for being kind, thoughtful, or giving because it may take awhile to discover your abilities to do things. Sometimes you want to be so good at something; at anything, that you can forget what makes you special without ‘skills, talents, and performing for others’.

Some people want you to perform for them. Some particular ADULT may be using you for themselves right now. It could be a situation at school, online, or in-person but this person is taking advantage of your body, mind, and spirit and he/she may even try to make you think that it's your choice; REMEMBER, IT IS NOT. A person like this is telling you that the only thing that you can do is what they want especially if it is sexual. A person like this is also trying to make you feel VALUELESS if you don’t do what they want and they tell you to never tell anyone.

Unique Gurl, please explore your own gifts, talents and skills in order to have a healthy self-esteem but never ever believe or think that you are without value. You are a person of UNIQUE VALUE and this value is not earned; your true value is already inside of you.

If you need help call 988 no issue is to small, YOU MATTER.

Believing in YOU, Angela

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