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"PURPOSE":Part 1

Unique Gurl,

Expressing yourself, regardless of how you express yourself, is usually when you have the best opportunity to be yourself. Unless you are posing or acting out in a false manner, you reveal parts of who you are and what you value through what you say and do. Sometimes social media posts, artwork, writing, sports, or even what you read often give clues about the things that truly matter to you. Hidden within these expressions, you can uncover what makes you so happy that you are willing to display it to others or at least be comfortable with others seeing you in action. You can also have private and very personal expressions that make you happy, like poetry, music, or any number of ways that signal interesting things about yourself.

Normally, when people talk about Purpose, they usually have goals and plans that rule everything you do and say, so many girls like yourself may push away from such talk. The truth is that the things that please you and that you find yourself expressing are first and foremost meaningful windows of self-expression; self-revelations of who you are or parts of yourself. The way you express yourself can show you what you value.

Take some time to journal how you express yourself and ask yourself WHY you find these expressions valuable. This may help you come closer to understanding your life purpose or the things that are building purpose in your life right now. Here at UNIQUE GURL, we want you to explore who you are to help you grow strong and to help you when times become difficult or hurtful. UNIQUE GURL wants you to believe that you are of value to yourself and the world around you. When you begin to look, we are sure you will see!

When we talk about Purpose here at UNIQUE GURL we also know that some of our wonderful UNIQUE GURLS face many problems and challenges that make expressing and exploring your possible purpose seem almost impossible. This is why in the overall mission of Julie’s Haven and UNIQUE GURL we always talk about learning to heal as a regular and normal part of creating a meaningful life.

Never be negative towards yourself if the idea of Purpose is overwhelming to you in your current circumstances; we get that. Just come along with us as we discuss new things and ideas that in time you may find useful.


Believing in YOU,


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