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Keep "YOU" Safe Unique Gurl

It’s becoming popular to talk about Human Trafficking in the news and in social media. Human Trafficking is when someone is tricked into thinking that they have a job in another city or country that would make enough money to help their family or take care of personal needs. Nearly all of these ‘jobs’ are either work where you can never make enough to send home or make enough to pay to return home. Human Trafficking also includes Sexual Human Trafficking where girls and boys are tricked or taken into forced sex work; some are tricked into sexual films. Of course, you see these kinds of things in movies and as news articles which can make the truth about Sexual Trafficking seem unreal but this crime is worldwide and REAL. 92% of the human trafficking cases that authorities filed in the U.S. Federal Courts were for sex trafficking. Sexual Human Trafficking is human slavery; no one is choosing this type of life and minors cannot choose this life no matter what anyone tells you. Remember, there is no such thing as a child prostitute because this is slavery and the person forcing any child to do this is a criminal!

We want all Unique Gurls to know that social media has also been a major sex trafficking source for making contact with children due to hidden identities and ease of reach. Sexual Traffickers find it easy to advertise and sell their victims through social media and chat rooms, and it’s even harder for law enforcement to track and prosecute these crimes. Some people want to think that sexual trafficking is only about ‘bad’ girls, runaways, or poor children but girls from every type of lifestyle, rich or poor have been tricked and taken into Sexual Trafficking. Please know the facts and the truth as you talk with your friends about Sexual Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse so that you all can become aware and safer. Keep an eye out for your friends this year. Really listen to each other. Also, be aware of anyone who is hanging around (especially older guys or strange women). No one wants to judge others however, be alert for yourself, your friends, and your classmates. It's OK to not be OK with strangers or individuals YOU'RE NOT FEELING! Groomers and Traffickers need contact to tell lies that sound like the truth to people who may be having a hard day or trouble at home. Remember, you have family and friends who care about you. Join our Unique Gurl blog to hear more important things that matter for your life today.

Believing in YOU,


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