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Some of you Unique Gurls dream of living in peace in a way that some of your own friends could not imagine or you assume that they couldn’t. Some of your friends can’t wait to get to school because just being with you and the environment at school is far better and more ‘peaceful’ than what they experience at home or wherever they must spend most of their time; like a relative’s house. You or a few of your friends may be living in more than the occasional angry moments at home but you or your friends may live with people who physically hurt or even sexually abuse one or more persons in the home. I know that this is hard talk but this is Domestic Violence Month and Unique Gurls sometimes face very difficult problems.

Remember that inside of each of you there is a special power that makes you valuable and unique. You have to dig deep and hang on to who you are as a person. Believe that you were born with value and only you can embrace your power and in time you will discover how to grow in your uniqueness. While your power is true and real, other things will require that you get help. No one should live under violence and abuse and you will need to find a SAFE WAY to get help. A trusted teacher, school counselor, or a school nurse can get help for you. Never tell the person who is hurting you that you will get help or it will be even harder to do because they will find a way to stop you. No threats against your teacher, counselor, or nurse will keep them from getting protective help for you from Domestic Violence or any abuse. You did nothing wrong to be beaten and abused. It's a criminal act to violently beat and abuse another person, especially you Unique Gurl or any child.

Please get help to stop the abuse

800-799-7233 is the Domestic Violence Hotline SMS: Text START to 88788 Learn about CSA/TRAFFICKING

Your power to be YOU doesn’t mean that you can handle this on your own. Okay?

Believing in YOU,


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