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Awareness Box: "Side 1-To Be Aware"

Hey Unique Gurl!

In our last blog, we talked about what was an Awareness Box. If you didn't have time to read it, please do. The dots will connect even more! Smile.

The internal awareness that we all have to decide about the people, situations, and environments we face everyday. The four sides of this box of personal awareness are Aware, Please or Pleaser, Seeker, and Introspect. I wanted to talk about the ‘Aware’ side, which is usually the beginning of every encounter, whether it's with people or in our personal space.

The moment you step into a room, even in a chat, you are quickly seeing who’s who and what’s what. This is normal. You quickly decide the mood of the room, usually based on who’s in the room and by their expressions or conversations. Some people seem so confident that they appear to get everyone's attention, but let me assure you that even popular people are measuring the room. Being Aware of the scene and the people around is important. However, it is even more important to have a sense of who you are as you enter a room. This may seem odd to say but knowing and having a sense of who you are helps you fine-tune your perspective on everything you see. Knowing how you value yourself will protect you in almost every encounter, you face in real life or online.

Your personal Awareness of your own value (or purpose) can transform how you feel and especially how you see others when you meet them. If you have discovered that you are usually a kind person, this is the person you take into almost every situation you encounter. Your kindness will guide you in how you handle challenging situations, what you say first, or how you respond when others speak to you. How you see yourself is the first impression you notice in a situation, even if you have never thought about this before. Until you have learned how you see yourself, you will make judgments about people, places, and events without understanding what your personality is bringing to the moment.

Unique Gurl, I'm not saying that you are not seeing or understanding what you see or hear from others. I am hoping you may see that what you hear and see is first affected by how you feel and value yourself. We will keep talking about how important it is to explore your Value as a person in our blogs and soon in other features coming to JHUG site. As a Unique Gurl, it is an important part of your Awareness Box to consider and a power to embrace when you communicate and express yourself.

Believing in You, Unique Gurl.


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