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WHY Express Yourself- Purpose - Part 2

Here at UNIQUE GURL, we talk about Purpose, Passion, and Power as keys to being AWARE of yourself and of your environment which includes the people around you. When we talk about purpose we invite our UNIQUE GURLS to explore and express the things they enjoy. Understanding or discovering purpose usually starts with connecting to your 'WHY' and observing YOUR reasons for caring about the things you enjoy. This doesn’t mean that every enjoyment is deep or lasting; you may change what you enjoy often. Plus we are sure you know that everything you may enjoy is not always good for you or the people around you. So what do we mean when we recommend that you observe what you enjoy?

What JH UNIQUE GURL means by exploring, observing, and expressing what you enjoy as a way to understand your purpose. You can ask yourself 'WHY' something inspires, motivates, encourages, or emotionally and mentality satisfies your heart and mind. Why are certain things joyful and meaningful to you? Why are certain activities and special life moments important to you? It is important to see that you care and it is important to ask yourself why you care. Learning your WHY as you move through life will make you more AWARE of opportunities, adventures, and great moments because you will begin to see YOURSELF truly. Your WHY connects to the values and meanings that you already have inside of you. In time you will see the power that knowing yourself can have now and in the future if you choose.

Knowing your WHY and understanding your purpose (value) also makes you AWARE of your environment. Being aware can help to protect yourself from people who desire to take advantage of you in person and online. You can block Sexual Groomers and Abusers who are attempting to connect with you. Being aware can give you the strength to tell a trusted adult to protect you from harm. Knowing your value as a person helps you to believe in yourself as you develop and grow in the things you may want to try or learn. Knowing your WHY AND VALUE helps you grow in developing friends and in important experiences.

AWARENESS PROTECTS helps ALL UNIQUE GURLS, like yourself, to create a special life around what is already special within you. Being unique allows you to explore all the different ways that you can grow. And knowing why also helps you to enjoy the things that you value in yourself even more.

Julie's Haven Unique Gurl wants to inspire you with ideas that can be useful in being who you are and supporting you in being YOUR personal best because you are UNIQUE and VALUABLE.


Believing in YOU,


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