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Is Your Friend Controlling or Aggressive?

Everyone wants their relationships to be real and to be a positive part of their life. You may be either beginning to think romantically or you have someone who you are giving special attention to and you are receiving special attention too. It’s nice to have someone asking you about your day and he truly is listening.

In fact, you may share your relationship on social media and of course at school. It’s exciting to have everyone know that you are with someone special. Texting and calling all the time. It’s fun when you are treated with respect and you do the same.

I’m also sure that you also see girls that are not experiencing a healthy and fun relationship. You know girls who have a special somebody but she is miserable every day because the person she cares about is mean, controlling, and violent. Maybe it's you and you are hurt because your special person is not what you thought and you are not feeling the way you know you want to feel when you are together.

I want you to know healthy relationships. I want you to value yourself so you can watch out as you decide who you like and also to be aware if things have changed between you and your special person.

Is your friend controlling or becoming controlling? I know it’s nice to have them decide on the fun things for you guys to do together; this is usually good. But are they beginning to only be comfortable when they decide everything you guys do together and telling you what you should like or what you shouldn’t do if you want to be with them? At first, this controlling behavior seems strong, and this individual knows what they want in life but remember you can know what you like and want too. Even if you don’t care at the moment while you guys are enjoying being together, your friend should never take your choice away or become aggressive when you do make a choice.

You deserve your choice and your voice always. You are special. Yes, it's nice to have someone there with you to tell you that you’re Special. But you deserve to be treated as a Unique Gurl always.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month so we will continue to discuss Healthy relationships and of course Unhealthy relationships. 1 IN 5 GIRLS in High School who have been in relationships have experienced physical and/or sexual dating violence. 1 in 4 teens reports verbal, emotional, physical, or

sexual dating violence each year. Remember being physically and sexually hurt by your romantic interest or your dating partner is not love and it’s not hot…it’s cruel.

* GET HELP TO GET OUT. Call for help. Love is Respect 1-866-331-9474.

* If someone has posted nude or partially nude photos of you and you want them taken down go to

Both of these services are FREE.

Unique Girl, YOU deserve choices.

Believing in YOU,


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